20 Gifts for New Moms – The Gift Ideas She’ll Actually Love

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Women bring life into the world all the time, and yet, and these happy moments need to be celebrated. This is the perfect moment to look for gifts for the new mom and we have done quite a bit of research to find the best ones out there. After all, it’s a time when women are vulnerable, when hormones are all over the place, and where she learns to accommodate to her new life, to caring for a newborn, to having a new body, to going through a lot of new experiences.

Whether the new mom just got home from the hospital, or a little while has passed, she’s going to need quite a few of the products on our list. Of course, with some of these, we always suggest you check with the mom or the dad (or anyone else that’s helping out the new mom) to see whether or not they have a need for it. After all, while a gift is fabulous, when it comes to new moms, it should also be helpful for them in some way or another.

Best Gifts for New Moms

Let’s kick things off by checking out some of our favorite gifts for new moms.

1. Gift Ideas for New Moms – Massage Chair Pad

Gift Ideas for New Moms - Massage Chair Pad

One of the coolest things a new mom can get is a Shiatsu massage chair pad. Not only will this help her our with all the aches and pains in her back and neck and arms from holding her child for so long, but it can also be moved from one chair to another, depending on needs.

The portable massage chair works for the full back, but can also focus only on the neck and shoulders. It combines Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, compression, vibration, and more. The user can also adjust the compression level, the area they need massaged, and quite a few more. Getting one of these to the new mom will help her relax, especially since she can even use it while feeding her baby, for instance.

2. Useful Gifts for New Moms – Spa Gift Box

Useful Gifts for New Moms - Spa Gift Box

A spa gift box could be super useful for the new mom. Since warm baths were not exactly ideal for the last few months of their pregnancy, now that the baby is here, she can take some well-deserved time for herself. Well, as soon as she’ll consider anyone else is trustworthy enough to watch their baby.

This particular bath and body set is Ocean scented, so that should help the new mom relax a bit. It includes a scented candle, some hydrating body butter, hand cream, a bath bar, and a great-smelling bath bomb. Once she uses this, the smell will last for quite a while on the skin, so that smell will hopefully trigger the relaxing state she was originally in.

3. Great Gifts for New Moms – Double Electric Breast Pump

Great Gifts for New Moms - Double Electric Breast Pump

Among new moms, discussions about breast pumps are always current. Whether they’re complaining about theirs being too painful, taking too long to pump, and so on, it’s something they discuss. Well, how about one that works well instead?

The IKARE double electric breast pump comes with soft and flexible rims, has 6 suction levels, and 5 different pumping styles to mimic the feeding patterns of the baby. Of course, this is quite important since this is a demand-and-supply type of situation, and the more the breasts are stimulated, the more milk they’ll produce for the baby.

4. Gifts for New Moms – Anti Colic Bottles

Gifts for New Moms - Anti Colic Bottles

Whether the new mom chooses to breastfeed or bottle-feed, having some baby bottles in the house could be super useful – yes, even for breastfeeding moms, since they may need to have someone else feed the baby with some pumped milk.

Now, what makes these Dr. Brown bottles special is that they are narrower and have a special anti-colic vent system. This helps decrease spit-ups, burping, and gas during those colicky months when the little bubs scream a lot due to their belly aches. The nipples on the bottles are also designed in such a way to offer a consistent flow, aiding in digestion and better sleep.

5. Best Gifts for New Moms – Nipple Cream

Best Gifts for New Moms - Nipple Cream

While “fed is best,” many moms choose to go for breastfeeding. If this is the case of the new mom you’re looking to buy a gift for, then you may want to get her some Lansinoh organic nipple cream. It won’t be long after she starts breastfeeding that the cracks start showing up, so it’s a good idea to have the cream on hand.

The best part about this cream, as opposed to other nipple creams, is that it’s completely organic, it has no smell or taste, so there’s no need to remove the butter before breastfeeding. The last thing you want to do when your child is screaming for a meal is to take those extra minutes to wash out the cream. The balm features sunflower seed oil, olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, calendula flower extract, and argan kernel oil, so there are no additives or things that could harm your baby.

6. Baby Bottle Rack – Best Gifts for New Moms

Baby Bottle Rack - Best Gifts for New Moms

All moms who use baby bottles know how difficult it is to get those dried out perfectly without taking up a ton of counter space. Thankfully, this OXO space-saving drying rack will fit up to 9 bottles, plus all the accessories, and it will take very little space.

How does it manage that? Well, as you can see from the picture, this is a vertical drying rack that will fit under your cabinets. Once the baby bottles are out, and the sippy cups are in, those will fit in just fine as well.

7. Perfect Gifts for New Moms – Elastic Wrap Carrier

Perfect Gifts for New Moms - Elastic Wrap Carrier

Moms need their hands for daily chores, hobbies, and so on, but newborns usually want to be carried around and to feel mom. Well, a baby carrier can help quite a bit. For those babies born in colder climates, or during colder months, an elastic baby carrier is just perfect, like the one from Boba.

Since this will be three layers of fabric on the baby’s back, you don’t want to wear this during hot summers, but it should be perfect for any other weather. Not only will this help make you more mobile, but it will also help build a bond between you and your child, offering them comfort.

8. Great Gifts for New Moms – Ring Sling

Great Gifts for New Moms - Ring Sling

If you want to gift the new mom a baby carrier that will last her quite a bit longer, you can go for a ring sling. Since this one has a lot less material on the back of the baby (and the mom) it will be great in hotter climates or warm seasons too. Plus, it is suitable for heavier babies too, so the mom can wear her child for longer, way into toddlerhood.

The downside of the ring sling is that it’s going to take a bit of time to get used to adjusting the ring sling. However, when the new mom manages to do this, all things will be better.

9. Best Gifts for New Moms – Baby Nest

Yes, we know this is another gift that can be both for the baby and the mom, but it’s something that will come in handy for new moms, especially in the first few months. The little bubs can sleep in these things and you can place them on the couch, on the bed, and so on, moving them to be wherever you need to be as you fit in some work, some quiet time, some home chores, and so on.

The baby nest is also useful when you go on vacation so the baby can safely sleep next to you without carrying that extra foldable bed with you – it’s enough that you’ll carry half your home with you.

10. Great Gift for New Moms – Baby Book

Great Gift for New Moms - Baby Book

Kids grow up so fast, so making sure the new mom has a way to keep important memories about all those beautiful fleeting moments is important. This baby book is perfect starting with the pregnancy and through the baby turning five.

It’s possible to add pictures, messages, and any other details. Plus, the book has printed pages so it’s easier to collect all that important data.

11. Gifts for New Moms – Tea Travel Mug

Moms rarely get to drink their coffees or teas warm, so a travel mug is essential. Not only will this particular mug be of use as it can be taken along anywhere you go, it will also keep the beverage’s temperature. The Teabloom mug works as a simple water bottle, as a tea flask, or as a mug for cold brew coffee, for instance.

The travel mug also has an infuser, so you can put actual tea inside, without having to buy tea bags if you prefer this method. Just remember that you do have to take it out after the infusing time is up, so maybe set up a timer. The mug carries 16 oz of liquid, so that’s about two regular cups you have at home.

12. Baby Diaper Bag – Super Useful Gift for New Mom

Baby Diaper Bag - Super Useful Gift for New Mom

If you want to make sure the new mom has the liberty to go wherever she wants to, this baby diaper bag is super useful to have around. The bag is made out of waterproof material, it has pockets for anything you need and for anything the baby needs as well, plus insulated pockets for all those baby bottles you may be carrying.

The coolest part about this diaper bag is that the back panel unzips and unwinds into a comfortable bassinet. The new mom can put down her baby on a park bench if she needs to, either for a nap or a diaper change, or just for some rest. This multi-functional backpack comes in multiple colors so you can pick the mom’s favorite.

13. Best Gifts for Mom – An Instant Pot

Best Gifts for Mom - An Instant Pot

Moms need to eat too, and whether they’re cooking for the whole family or just for their babies, or for themselves, it matters very little. What does matter is that an Instant Pot can make her life sooooo much easier. The Instant Pot can significantly reduce the cooking time for most meals since it is also a pressure cooker, but it can also slow cook any dish you want.

The coolest part is that you can basically throw the ingredients inside the pot and let it cook your meal. The Instant pot can act as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sterilizer, warmer, and it can also saute meals. There are multiple sizes here – 3, 6, or 8 quart. Regardless of which one you choose to gift the new mom, be assured that you’ve saved her quite a bit of time.

14. Best Gift for New Moms – Roomba

Best Gift for New Moms - Roomba

We don’t know about you, but cleaning is always something that’s super time-consuming. The iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum is something that every household needs, especially one with a new baby in it. The Roomba will clean the house as often as you want, making sure everything is suitable for a sensitive child living there.

Furthermore, by allowing the Roomba to do this job, the mom will have a lot more time for herself, for the baby, and for whatever else she needs. The Roomba brushes and grabs the dirt from carpets and hard floors, sweeps the edges and corners, and more. It also works great with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can give it voice commands.

15. Great Gift for New Moms – Cozy Blanket

Great Gift for New Moms - Cozy Blanket

New moms need to have some time for themselves, whether to read, relax, or nap. A cozy blanket will help her quite a bit in any such activities. The Bare Home is a sherpa fleece blanket that’s super fluffy and soft. Furthermore, it’s hypoallergenic, and you can reverse it anytime you want.

Gifting a new mom such a blanket will come in handy for her on a daily basis. There are multiple colors you can buy this in for her, depending on her preferences. There are also multiple sizes with different price points, so make that decision on your own.

16. Great Gift for New Moms – Silk Sleep Mask

Great Gift for New Moms - Silk Sleep Mask

New moms get little sleep, so a sleep mask could help ensure that whatever sleep she does manage to get will be of quality. Keep in mind that not everyone can sleep with one of these on their faces, so make sure you check in with her before buying her this gift.

Each pack features two sleep masks made out of natural pure silk. The strap is adjustable, so it can fit anyone. Plus, the mask can help reduce puffy eyes. There are multiple color combinations you can choose from, but we’re sure whatever your choice, it will come in handy for all those power naps.

17. Great Gifts for New Moms – Baby Monitor

Great Gifts for New Moms - Baby Monitor

New moms are a lot more relaxed when they can keep an eye on their kids at all times, especially when they’re napping. Even those few minutes spent making a tea can cause a lot of anxiety for new moms, and we’re not even going to mention those showers where they feel like they can hear their babies crying every five seconds.

Well, this baby monitor features a video feed, so the new mom can check in on their bubs at all times. It will be a great source of peace for them and it will be useful in the long run. The wireless camera has a motion tracker, super IR night vision, and works with Alexa. Plus, it features a two-way audio, so the new mom can whisper assurances to the baby in those few seconds before it gets to them.

18. Super Gift for New Moms – Bath Thermometer

Super Gift for New Moms - Bath Thermometer

All new moms have issues with their baby’s bath water temperature. How warm is too warm for the baby’s skin? Well, this super cute bath thermometer will work wonderfully for them.

Even better, the thermometer is shaped as a cute little duck, while floating around, so it will even interest the baby. The water temperature is displayed on the back of the duck, so the mom will always know the state it’s in.

19. Great Gift for New Mom – Diaper Tote

Great Gift for New Mom - Diaper Tote

Another good idea for any mom is a stylish diaper tote. Not only does this one look quite stunning, but it’s also very spacious. It has a portable change mat, a pacifier holder, and even comes with a baggage sleeve, so you can put it on top of your luggage should you go on vacation.

The bag looks good enough that even dad can wear it, especially since it comes in neutral shades. It’s going to be super useful for many moms, especially as they tend to carry quite a lot of things around.

20. Great Gifts for New Moms – White Noise Machine

Great Gifts for New Moms - White Noise Machine

Babies are sometimes difficult to soothe, especially when they’re colicky. So, a white noise machine can help comfort and soothe them. The MyBaby SoundSpa portable white noise machine features four soothing sounds and three auto-shutoff timers – 15, 30, and 45 minutes.

As far as what sounds it can produce, we have heartbeat, white noise, ocean, and lullaby, which should cover any baby’s preference. It’s battery-operated so it can be carried anywhere, and it’s super small so it fits in any baggage.

Final Thoughts – The Best Gifts for New Moms

We hope you found our ideas to be useful today and that you’ll get something for that special new mom in your life. These items will help new moms take care of their bubs, but also of themselves, which is equally important.

Hopefully, they’ll show the new mom just how precious she is to you and bring her some joy.

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