20+ Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her and Him: Say “I Love You” With a Gift

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Valentine’s Day has been around for many years now, and we always use it as an excuse to get our significant others something nice. We don’t pretend to have the answer to “what would they want most in the world,” but we do hope that we’ll at least provide some inspiration for you.

Finding the best Valentine’s Day gift for her is always tricky since you never know whether to go for something for subdued or splash for something fancy. Things only appear to be easier when it comes to finding the best Valentine’s Day gift for men. Let’s see if we can find a way out of these dilemmas. 

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

There are loads of things you need to consider when trying to find the right Valentine’s Day gift for your wife, girlfriend, lover, and so on. Nonetheless, unless you’re going to propose on Valentine’s Day, we think that you’ll find something to get your SO to express your love. 

1. Sterling Silver Heart-Shaped Earrings – Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

What better way to show her you care than by gifting her a pair of sterling silver heart-shaped earrings? Not only are they 925 Sterling Silver, but they also come with the birthday gemstone. So, make sure to check when their birthday is and pick the right gift. Or, of course, you can go with their favorite color instead. Either works. 

“Photos of these earrings do NOT do these earrings justice. They are seriously GORGEOUS. They look like they should cost a lot more. Haha. But if you’re considering buying these, just do it. They’re beautiful and comfortable to wear,” said Amy_Ro


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2. Heart Map – Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Heart Map - Great Valentine's Day Gift for Her

Another fantastic gift you can get is this gorgeous heart-shaped map featuring the place where the two of you met. If you guys are married, put down your wedding day and the place you proposed or got married. If not, then just put down the date you two met or became an item and the location. Either way, it’s a thoughtful and romantic gift! 

“I’m really happy with the final product. The quality of the map is really good, the frame is sturdy and it arrived ahead of the estimated date. I would definitely recommend this!” said Heleen

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3. Celtic Knot Earrings – Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

When it comes to jewelry, Celtic patterns are always gorgeous. Although they can be super intricate, they also have a certain elegant simplicity. These Sterling Silver earrings feature two intertwined Celtic knots, symbolizing eternal love and a zirconia stone. 

“I bought these and gave them to my daughter as a gift She really appreciated it and thought the design was very pretty Thank you!!” said shani leiman.

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4. Short Satin Robe – Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Short Satin Robe - Great Valentine's Day Gift for Her


Who doesn’t want an adorable satin robe? Especially when it’s such a pretty color! The material is silky smooth, and it’s fairly short, with 3/4 sleeves and lace trim. It’s simply gorgeous, and your SO will love it! 

“This was just what I was hoping for: good fit, nice and soft, not too bulky, and just the right length. I will definitely buy another one when the time comes,” said Maggie Donahue.

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5. Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Her – Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Great Valentine's Day Gift for Her - Bamboo Bathtub Tray

If your significant other loves taking long baths and soaking away all her worries, then this particular gift will be so useful for her. This specific bathtub tray is expandable, so it will fit any size tub, from smaller tubs to full jacuzzis. It comes with a reading rack that also works well as a tablet holder. Of course, it also features a glass holder for her wine glass and other storage space. 

“So far I am very pleased with this tray. It is very easy to use and I love that it comes with an adjustable stopper for the iPad, phone, book part. It adjusts well,” said Georgiana*Simone.

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6. Best Valentine’s Gift for Her – Ready to Go Romantic Box

Best Valentine's Gift for Her - Ready to Go Romantic Box

If you’re still unsure of what to get your girl for Valentine’s Day, perhaps this will be extra helpful. The “romance-in-a-box” gift features everything you need to make this into a special night. 

The gift includes silk rose petals, preserved roses, tea lights in clear cups, a Valentine card, and more. 

“Being stuck in the house I came across this by mistake while searching for candles and this package did not disappoint. Wifey loved the date night setup,” said Jamarr Martinez.

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7. Cool Valentine’s Day Gift for Her – Digital Photo Frame

Cool Valentine's Day Gift for Her - Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame can help you get some brownie points from your girlfriend or wife, especially if you load it up with pics featuring the two of you. This photo frame has a 10.1-inch screen and 16 GB storage space. 

“I would like to start with the size of the frame it is like a regular 4 x 6 photo frame which can fit easily anywhere. It comes with a remote control, I am surprise for the quality on the screen and also it comes with a few other options to play videos or the pictures, no bad for the price!,” said Ingrid

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8. Shiatsu Foot Massager – Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Shiatsu Foot Massager - Great Valentine's Day Gift for Her

We know that an incredible gift for your significant other would be to give her foot rubs around the clock, but let’s be honest – no one can do that. So, how about you get her a device that does the work for you? This Shiatsu foot massager helps with pain, circulation, and more. 

“I am using this product as I write this review. I bought this because, after much research, this one had very high ratings and has been dubbed the best foot massager since 2017. It doesn’t only massage the bottoms of your feet, but it also massages the tops. The warming function is an added bonus. Since buying this, there has not been one day that has gone by that I haven’t used it, and it does not disappoint!” said Stephanie.

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9. Gorgeous Valentine’s Gift for Her – Preserved Red Roses

Gorgeous Valentine's Gift for Her - Preserved Red Roses

This eternal flower box is simply gorgeous, taking a leaf out of the Beauty and the Beast movie. Featuring two red roses, this gift is stunning and will always remind your significant other of your love for her.

“This was my birthday present from my fiancé. I have wanted it since I saw Beauty and the beast. Hopefully, it will last a few years. Definitely worth the money,” said Georgiana.

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10. Engagement Ring – Best Valentine’s Gift for Her

Engagement Ring - Best Valentine's Gift for Her

If it’s the right time to pop the big question, then getting your lover a beautiful engagement ring can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. This particular ring has a classic cut – it’s simple, gorgeous, and made out of 14K gold. Even better, it features a 1-carat emerald, as well as several small diamonds. 

“Love this ring. It’s beautiful and fits my finger perfectly,” said Hannah.

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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

It’s not just the girlfriends and wives who get Valentine’s Day gifts, as we also have to think about the gents. So, let’s figure out a few cool ideas of gifts you can get them. 

1. Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Wireless Charger Station

Great Valentine's Day Gift for Men - Wireless Charger Station


This charging station works with the iWatch, AirPods, and smartphones from Huawei, Apple, and Samsung. There’s a complete list of compatibilities on the product page so that you can check that out. It looks slick, and you can charge all three device types simultaneously, so that’s a great time-saving. 

“Works perfectly on my desk looks nice and charges my phone, air pods and watch. You only need one power cord which is great. Very compact size does not take up a lot of room in my desk,” said a user.

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2. Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Home Bar Cocktail Machine

Grat Valentine's Day gift for men - home bar cocktail machine

Being able to create delicious cocktails at home can be super fantastic. Well, this cocktail machine can make it all with the push of a button – you simply put in a cocktail capsule, pick out the strength, and press mix. In seconds, you’ll have a delicious cocktail. There are so many cocktail options to choose from that you’ll undoubtedly find something you love, from margaritas to Long Island and Rum Breeze. 

“I purposely wait until we had used the machine for at least 11 months before writing a review. So far the machine has performed marvelously. We have had no issues with the controls or operations of the machine. We have enjoyed a wide variety of cocktails during the year and they have been wonderfully made. We have really enjoyed trying many of the new cocktails from Bartesian,” said quasar.

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3. Cool Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Fossil Smartwatch

Cool Valentine's Day Gift for Men - Fossil Smartwatch

How about a smartwatch for your boyfriend (or husband)? The Fossil Gen 5E comes with a speaker, can measure the heart rate, make contactless payments, and receive smartphone notifications. 

“For this price, it is absolutely the best smartwatch one can get for an Android Phone. It can sync notifications from the phone so you never miss the important things. It can also answer phone calls directly from the watch with the embedded microphone,” said Chenyi

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4. Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Skin Care System

Great Valentine's Day Gift for Men - Skin Care System
Many men disregard entirely the need for a skincare routine, so why not jumpstart a new habit for them with a beautiful set from Tiege Hanley? The set includes a face wash, morning moisturizer, exfoliating face scrub, and night moisturizer. 

“I love this product it. The fact that it’s simple and easy makes it easier to get into a skin care routine as a male for those who never had one. It’s a great value for money and I will probably keep buying it in the future because I’ll probably spend more at walmart or somewhere else finding the same product,” said a buyer

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5. Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Whiskey Set

Valentine's Day Gift for Men - Whiskey Set

If your significant other loves whiskey, then this set is a fabulous idea for a gift. The set includes granite whiskey stones, two whiskey glasses and coasters, ice tongs, and a cool set of recipes to try. 

“I just received my whiskey set as a birthday present and I love it! The design of the dark brown wooden box is eye-catching and will definitely be my next conversational piece,” said Vaclav.

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6. Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Whiskey Decanter Set

Great Valentine's Day Gift for Men - Whiskey Decanter Set
This is also a great alternative as a Valentine’s Day gift for your man if he loves whiskey. It’s stylish and will look fabulous on his desk or your home bar. Of course, you can fill the globe decanter with anything from vodka to bourbon if whiskey is not their go-to drink. 

“Wow! This whiskey decanter set did not disappoint. Ever since this piece is on our bar counter table we received compliments from everyone seeing it,” said chay b

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7. Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Wireless Earbuds

Great Valentine's Day Gift for Men - Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds aren’t just great-looking, but they also provide excellent sound. Furthermore, they come with a built-in microphone, so you can also take phone calls with them. The earbuds come with a wireless charging case. 

“I was thoroughly impressed with the Tozo T10. The packaging was incredible, the build quality is top-notch, and an amazing set of features for the price even if the price was twice as high. Wireless charging, IPX8 waterproofing, high quality 8mm sound driver, and bluetooth v5.0 are just a few of the high-end features the T10’s have to offer,” said J Davis.

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8. Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Bed Tray

Great Valentine's Day Gift for Men - Bed Tray

We all love having a little snack in the middle of the night, and a bed tray is ideal for this. Not only will this tray help minimize the mess you make, but it also comes with a phone and tablet holder. Plus, it can easily double as a laptop tray, as it fits devices of up to 17.3 inches. 

“I develop software. I use this as a lap desk when sitting in my recliner. I don’t like the standard padded lap desk models that rest on your legs. With this one, I open the legs and they fit nicely in the chair and leave a couple of inches between the tops of my legs and the bottom of the tray,” said Danny Campbell.

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9. Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift – Lovebox 

awesome valentine's day gift lovebox

What’s a Lovebox? Well, it’s this cute little thing that will help you send your loved one a photo or a love note while they’re away. This can sit on their office desk, or they can take it with them when they’re on a work trip. Whenever a message is received, the heart on the box starts spinning. By spinning the heart themselves, the receiver sends back a ton of hearts on the app. 

“I got two for my girlfriend and I, so we could have another way to send each other love and how much we care about each other when I’m away for college. We’ve been using them for a bit now, and we absolutely love it,” said Niko

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10. Fun Valentine’s Day Gift for Him – Talk, Flirt, Dare! 

Fun Valentine's Day Gift for Him - Talk, Flirt, Dare! 

This one’s a fun way to spend time with your loved one. The pack is a three-in-one game for couples full of flirty games, cool dares, and loads of conversation ideas. 

“Great way to find our more about your partner. Lots of great questions. I wouldn’t use for a dinner party. Too many personal questions. Not too risqué or x-rated. Good whether you have been dating for a few months or married 35 years,” said Debbie

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More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

We feel like we could all use a few more Valentine’s Day gift ideas. So, let’s check out some more cool things you could do or get for Valentine’s Day. 

1. Great Valentine’s Day Gift – California Wine Club Subscription

Great Valentine's Day Gift - California Wine Club Subscription

If you want something that’s out of the ordinary from what’s regularly considered as a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, a subscription with the California Wine Club may be the way to go. There are multiple club levels, depending on how much you want to pay and how often you want to get the handcrafted wines sent to you. 

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2. Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift – High-Quality Print

thoughtful valentine's day gift - high quality print
Photo by Criativithy from Pexels

If you have pictures that you never got to print, photos you care about that you’d love to hang on the wall, a quality print is the way to go. CanvasHQ enables you to upload your pics, choose border colors canvas finishes, and even have them touch up the photos. There are multiple size options, which will influence the final price, but it’s a significant investment either way. 

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3. Valentine’s Day Gift – Craftsy Class

Valentine's Day Gift - Craftsy Class

If your significant other is a creative person, then a Craftsy class on something you know they’re interested in can help kickstart a new passion of theirs. It’s a cool idea, and it’s also super useful in the long run. Plus, it’s a cool way to show your support and love for all their aspirations. 

For Valentine’s Day, they even have a promo, as you can get $20 off orders over $25 with the SWEET20 code. 

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