40 Best Halloween Gifts to Get This Year

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Why would we want Halloween gifts? Well, that’s super easy to figure out. First of all, if you’re visiting someone for a Halloween party, then certainly you can give them a little gift. Second of all, if you have someone, friend or family, coworker or school colleague, that’s absolutely into this holiday, you can get them something nice to show your appreciation. 

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you can get yourself something! Yes! Why not treat yourself for Halloween? We have some really cool Halloween gifts we can suggest for you, so let’s dive in!

Best Halloween Gifts

If you are unsure on what the best Halloween gifts would be, we’re here to help you figure things out and find some really cool things to get for yourself, your friends, significant others, and anyone else you feel may enjoy them.

1. Bat Wine Glass Halloween Gift

Bat Wine Glass Halloween Gift

One of the things you can get this season, is a really cool bat wine glass! Found on Amazon, this beautiful Halloween-themed wine glass is hand-painted and features bats, an orange moon, and an eerie tree silhouette. You can use these for your party, or set it aside and display it as decoration. 

Since the glass is hand-painted, it’s also recommended that you hand wash it to preserve the colors and paint job. You can also have them customized by adding some text on the base of the glass. Additionally, you can choose one of three wine glass shapes. 

2. Rolling Pin Halloween Gift

Rolling Pin Halloween Gift

Those who want to make some really cute-looking cookies can get this Halloween-themed rolling pin with laser-engraved images. What kind of images? Oh, just the usual bats, witches, graves, spiders, spider webs, ghosts, and black cats. 

Any cookies you’ll make with this rolling pin will look absolutely adorable and we kind of want a couple of them for our own kitchen. Just imagine making some of these for those little bags you set our for trick or treaters knocking on your door!

3. Halloween Gift – Hocus Pocus Coffee Mug

Halloween Gift - Hocus Pocus Coffee Mug

One thing we can attest to is that anyone who loves Halloween loves a good hot cup of coffee (or tea). For those among us who really love starting our days with coffee, however, there is a perfect Halloween gift in the shape of this cup with a cute message. 

This white ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, so that’s one less worry on your plate. 

4. Halloween Gift – Autumn Treat Bag

Halloween Gift - Autumn Treat Bag

How about you bring a simple and beautiful gift to whomever is hosting the party? An autumn treat bag ready for ‘pumpkin season’ seems to be the right choice.

They have a bunch of options you can choose from – mix of drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or a dairy free collection. All of them come in a beautiful autumnal themed bag made out of durable hessian cotton fabric with drawstrings.

5. Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit – Best Halloween Gift

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit - Best Halloween Gift

Every Halloween, you have one job – to carve some pretty pumpkins. To do that, you need some proper tools. Thankfully, the folks at Target have this really cool carving kit that comes with 5 different tools and 8 separate stencils. After all, we’re not all that nimble with our hands to make the perfect carvings without help.

The stencils are marked by difficulty level and most of them are easy to work with. For those who are more experienced, however, there are some harder ones as well. Either way, this will be an awesome Halloween gift for anyone.

6. Massive Halloween Gift Basket

Massive Halloween Gift Basket

If you have someone in your life who absolutely loves Halloween, this gift basket is the right choice for them. Of course, if you want this for yourself, we will not blame you one bit.

The basket features a candle, signs saying “I’m here for the boos”, a skeleton skull shot glass, plastic spiders, jack-o-lantern coasters, pumpkin seeds, jerky, Halloween suckers, zombie Skittles, eyeball gum, Halloween M&Ms, bone candy, Laffy Taffy, Zots, and, of course, Jolly Ranchers.

7. Halloween Gift Box

Halloween Gift Box

Whoever gets this gift on Halloween is going to be one happy camper. This Halloween gift box on Etsy is simply fabulous and you can customize the contents to some extent. First of all you, you should know it features multiple goodies, including a skull jar candle, a large Halloween candle, a coffin full of 8 gravestone shaped wax melts, and a room spray with “poison potion” written all over it.

You can choose from over a dozen scents, including pumpkin pie, apple cider donut, essence of a ghost, or plain vanilla, as well as one of six colors for the skull candle. Shipping is pretty speedy, but you should hurry up if you want to get one before Halloween.

8. Halloween Gift Themed Purse

halloween gift halloween bag

Every Halloween-loving lady needs one of these purses! Whether you go for a pumpkin-colored clutch or a black evil-looking one, that’s up to you. Of course, if this is a Halloween gift for anyone other than yourself, you should probably figure out their preference ahead of time.

The spooky purses aren’t very large, but they’re spacious enough for your essentials like a few makeup items, keys, phone, wallet – the usual.

9. Ouija Board Halloween Gift

ouija board halloween gift

Is it really Halloween without a Ouija board? Even if you don’t believe it will connect you with the world of the spirits, it will be an awesome Halloween decoration for your home.

There are multiple sizes you can get, with the price varying based on your choice. You can also pick a wood color, depending on your preferences, varying from light walnut to red wood.

10. Halloween Gift – Themed Eye Mask

halloween gift eye mask

Everyone likes to sleep and most of us are missing out on some z time every night due to various reasons. We don’t know about you, but binging Netflix is often the reason for being tired in the morning.

Either way, we thought that an eye mask could help you rest better, blocking out all the light. These ones come in multiple colors and feature a really cute message that’s perfect for everyone who LOVES Halloween. Not only will this eye mask keep you better rested, but it will also not irritate your skin since it’s made out of silk.

Best Halloween Gifts for Kids

Kids and gifts go hand in hand, so let’s see what are some great Halloween gifts for your kids.

11. Dead Bookmark Halloween Gift for Kids

Dead Bookmark Halloween Gift for Kids

Yes, yes we know how that header sounds, but really this is an adorable bookmark. For those older kids who love a little bit of Halloween mystery in their reading list, this Halloween gift will be just perfect. 

Then, every time they close their books, they’ll have a pair of cute feet sticking out, reminding them where they left their story. Mix this up with a mystery book, and you’re all set for the Perfect Halloween gift! 

12. Garden Cats Halloween Gift Decorations

Garden Cats Halloween Gift Decorations

A really cool thing you can get your kids is a bunch of garden decorations. Wait! Hear us out! It’s not just any garden decoration, it’s a bunch of adorable cat-shaped statues. Of course, they don’t even have to put them in the garden – they can go right up into their rooms, if they want to.

The cats are just as adorable as you’d expect, although they do have that horror flavor thanks to some pentagrams, bat wings, or witch hats. Still, they’re super adorable, and if the recipient is a cat person, you’re good to go. You can get the cats in the picture individually, or enjoy a 2+1 deal for the full set.

13. Trick or Treat Bag – Great Halloween Gift for Kids

Trick or Treat Bag - Great Halloween Gift for Kids

If you’re asking us, a good trick or treat bag has to be sturdy so you don’t end up with the entire stash on the ground, but it also has to be spacious since you want to be able to stuff it full of full-sized candy bars. Therefore, these trick or treat bags are just perfect.

They’re made out of velvet, which makes them super lightweight, as well as plenty durable. They’re also 12.6 by 8.3 inches big, so there’s plenty of room. The models are also quite cute, so your kids will certainly find it endearing.

14. Halloween Gift for Kids – Paint Your Own Halloween Decor

Halloween gift for kids halloween decor paint your own

All kids love painting things even if they don’t turn out like masterpieces. This time around, they get to paint their own wood Halloween decorations.

Each box comes with a cool collection of shapes – spiders web, spider, pumpkin, grim reaper, witch, ghost and skull, as well as paints, and a paint brush. Bonus, you’ll find a mini pack of sweets.

15. Halloween Gift for Kids – Craft Kit

Halloween Gift for Kids - Craft Kit

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to have your kid involved in various crafts. While some ideas may take a bit more skill than your little one has at their age, you can definitely enjoy decorating foam pumpkins, ghosts, and witch hats with various stickers.

They’re super fun and will keep your kids occupied for a long time. Plus, you can then display them around the house as Halloween decorations. Either way, we’re sure they’ll enjoy this Halloween gift for kids.

Best Halloween Decorations

16. Halloween Decoration Toasted Pumpkin Spice

Halloween Decoration Toasted Pumpkin Spice

Is it even Halloween if we don’t have pumpkin spice around the house? We don’t think so! This absolutely great Halloween decoration in the shape of a toasted pumpkin spice candle is exactly what we need to get in the holiday spirit!

This wonderful Halloween candle is made out of soy and it’s handmade, so that’s an extra incentive to support a local business. It will make your home feel cozy and just right as you snuggle with a cup of coffee or tea and your favorite warm blanket as you watch the leaves fall. 

17. Sugar Skull Cutting Board Halloween Decoration

Sugar Skull Cutting Board Halloween Decoration

A really cool Halloween gift you can give to someone you love is a handmade cutting board. What makes a cutting board a great gift? Well, this one stands out because it will quite likely be used as a Halloween decoration more than it would be used as an actual cutting board. 

After all, that really awesome laser engravery of a sugar skull could get damaged by your knife! Nonetheless, it can be used with that specific purpose, or it can be displayed somewhere. Maybe it could even serve as a support for your cheese and crackers. 

18. Pumpkin Candles Halloween Decor

Pumpkin Candles Halloween Decor

If you want some extra Halloween cheer inside your home, you can go for these pumpkin-shaped candles. Even better, these little candles smell divine – of pumpkin pie. Even though you’ll want to snack on them, we really don’t recommend that.

Whether you want to set these up as decoration pieces on the Halloween dinner table, or you want them on the porch, you’re good to go. Each of them will burn for about an hour and you have four of them in this cute set.

19. Incandescent Ghost Halloween Decoration

Incandescent Ghost Halloween Decoration

Ghost can be scary sometimes, but this particular Halloween decoration is simply adorable! Not only does it have a smile and its own trick-or-treat pumpkin-shaped bag, but it also has a pet bat. It’s just the sweetest thing!

Whether you want this for yourself or you want to give someone close to you a cute gift that won’t break the bank, this incandescent ghost from Target seems to be the right answer.

20. Halloween Wreath with Roses & Pumpkins

Halloween Wreath with Roses & Pumpkins

One thing we can always count on around Halloween is a cool-looking wreath. Even if you have no other decorations strewn up, a themed wreath will be signal enough for trick-or-treaters who may be knocking on your door, telling them that you’re celebrating.

This particular wreath is top quality, features a black spider web, eerie silver branches, black leaves, red pumpkins and roses, and some black spiders. Not only that, but it’s also 24-inches in diameter. It’s simply beautiful.

Best Halloween Costumes

21. Halloween Squid Games Costume

Halloween Squid Games Costume halloween gift

Since we’re taking a look into some cool Halloween costumes you can get for yourself or someone close to you, we’re checking out the hit of the moment – Squid Game costumes. You can get the red jumpsuit, the masks with the circle, square, or triangle, and all accessories.

You can choose sizes varying from XS to XXL and they’re great for both ladies and men. After all, a jumpsuit is a jumpsuit.

22. Witcher Halloween Costume

Witcher Halloween Costume

With the new Witcher season incoming soon, we’re sure there are plenty of men who want to cosplay as Geralt of Rivia this Halloween.

Luckily, Amazon has a full leather set to help set the scene, making it seem as if you’re wearing the famous armor Geralt has on when he goes on to battle various monsters. You’ll likely also need a wig, so you can get one of those too.

23. Halloween Gift – Plague Mask

halloween gift plague mask

Listen, we know that wearing a plague mask is a little on the nose with the whole pandemic going on, but it would be fitting, right? This is a similar type of mask that doctors used to wear back in the 17th century. Of course, medicine and science has evolved quite a bit since then, and we have better masks to wear, but this one would be an awesome Halloween costume piece.

Just in case we need to mention, this particular plague mask is not medical-grade, so you can’t rely on it to avoid getting sick, so you may want to continue keeping your distance from others.

24. Bat Halloween Costume

Bat Halloween Costume

Is there really a more iconic Halloween costume than a bat? The coolest part is that this one seems quite a bit cozy since it’s basically a hoodie with some extra material for the wings.

The hood has bat ears to complete the look, so it’s perfect for the cold evening. Plus, the thick fleece will certainly keep you warm.

25. Kids Halloween Costume – T-Rex

Kids Halloween Costume - T-Rex

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you’ve probably thought about turning into a T-Rex at least once. Well, this inflatable T-Rex costume makes for a really cool addition to your wardrobe.

You won’t even have to work too much to inflate the costume because it features a battery-operated fan to do the job for you. It’s just a really fun costume that anyone would love.

Best Halloween Pet Costumes

If you’re celebrating Halloween, then so should your pet! If you want to make sure they’re properly dressed, we have some really cute Halloween pet costumes.

26. Sherlock Holmes Halloween Pet Costume

Sherlock Holmes Halloween Pet Costume

Our beloved pets are hopefully going to join in the party as well, and if your cat can suffer you dressing them up in any way, this Sherlock Holmes outfit will certainly do the trick.

Not only is it super well made, but it’s also the cutest thing ever. Elementary!

27. Harry Potter Halloween Costume for Dogs

Harry Potter Halloween Costume for Dogs

Your pupper will be even more handsome wearing a Harry Potter wizard robe complete with cape, shirt, and tie. You can choose a size and even the Hogwarts house you want your pup to represent.

28. Ewok Halloween Pet Costume

ewok halloween pet costume

We found this adorable Ewok costume that you can put your dog in this Halloween. You can get it in multiple sizes and it features all the things you love in these Star Wars creatures, especially those ears.

The costume is composed of a hooded head piece and a onesie. Of course, you may need to make some adjustments to fit your dog’s body, but you’ll make it work.

29. Witch Halloween Pet Costume

witch halloween pet costume

Your lovely cat can certainly play a witch on Halloween. After all, you simply have to make sure they wear a little hat for the occasion.

The hat is made out of black felt and it even has an elastic so you can make sure it stays in place.

30. Halloween Chucky Dog Costume

Halloween Chucky Dog Costume

Chucky is certainly one of the scariest memories of our childhood, so it’s the perfect Halloween costume. This hilarious pet costume features a hand carrying a bloody knife, which makes things perfect.

The whole costume features a shirt, a wig, and the foam knife. There are multiple sizes so you can put your dog in this costume, no matter their size.

Best Halloween Party Supplies

31. Halloween Party Supplies – Party Favor Bags

Halloween Party Supplies - Party Favor Bags

We know that you’re planning a great Halloween party, but do you have all the supplies on hand? We think not! Whether you want to portion out the candy for the trick-or-treaters, or you want to prepare some cute gifts for your guests, a bunch of Halloween-themed goodie bags will be great to have.

They’re decorated with mummies, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, vampires, black cats, and Frankenstein’s monster, so you’ll have a good array to choose from.

32. Halloween Party Supplies – Cocktail Mixing Kit

Halloween Party Supplies - Cocktail Mixing Kit

Let’s not fool ourselves – an adult Halloween party is another excuse to have some alcohol, preferably in colored orange or red, or perhaps with a small bat on a stick in the glass. However, if you want to be ready to serve your guests with proper cocktails, it’s time you get yourself a good cocktail mixing kit.

Of course, this one would also serve great as a gift for whoever is hosting the party and it’s an invitation to get them to learn some new tricks. The kit features everything you need, including a quality shaker. Go ahead and make a good Bloody Mary!

33. Blood Bag Cups as Halloween Party Supplies

Blood Bag Cups as Halloween Party Supplies

Now that we have the cocktail-making bit down with that awesome cocktail mixing kit, how about a great pack of blood bags? Of course, they’re not really blood bags, but that’s what it writes on them, and you can serve your drinks in them!

The set features 40 drink pouches and 15 big syringes to help you fill up the pouches. Then, the guests can simply sip on them all night long. The pouches are BPA-free and you can even wash them afterwards, as long as you avoid using high-temperature water. Each pouch can hold the same liquid as a regular glass.

34. Halloween Charades Party Supplies

Halloween Charades Party Supplies

If you’d rather have a more chill-out party, you may want to have a bit of fun with Halloween Charades. Much like the original game, this one features characters from horror movies and books, to set the atmosphere right.

It’s easy to play and it’s great for anyone who loves Halloween and horror as a genre. It’s a great gift for any Halloween host as they can take this one out when the party reaches that stage where most people are lounging on the couch instead of mixing and mingling.

35. Halloween Party Supplies – 30 Party Favors

Halloween Party Supplies - 30 Party Favors

If you’re hosting a party, then handing something cute to those who attend can be a nice touch. Alternatively, you can even hand these over to trick-or-treaters. They come in little cauldrons, so they look ready for Halloween.

The bag features things like false fingers, bat rings, stamps, false Vampire teeth, and so on.

Best Halloween Jewelry

If you want to get into the spirit of Halloween early on, you can always get some jewelry. Gifting someone Halloween jewelry can also be quite awesome of you.

36. Mummy Halloween Jewelry

Mummy Halloween Jewelry

For all the women in your life who absolutely love Halloween, this really cute gift will be perfect – a mummy silver charm! The pendant is made out of sterling silver and works wonderfully with Pandora-like bracelets. 

If they already have such a bracelet, you know they already love adding cute charms to them, so this Halloween mummy gift will fit in perfectly. It will also work on a simple silver chain, as a pendant, so that’s also an alternative. 

37. Halloween Pumpkin Sterling Silver Earrings – Great Halloween Gift

Halloween Pumpkin Sterling Silver Earrings - Great Halloween Gift

An absolutely awesome gift for those who wear earrings is this pair or sterling silver jack-o-lantern stud earrings.

They’re simply gorgeous, they’re not too large, and they work with any Halloween outfit! If your host like earrings, you should get them a pair. Or, even better, get yourself some! You deserve them too!

38. Halloween Jewelry Earrings Set

Halloween Jewelry Earrings Set

If you’re curious about what Halloween gift you could get someone who’s really into the holiday, then this earrings set is the right answer. They have two options – eyeballs and candy corn. Whether they want to go for the gory eyeballs or the Halloween staple sweets candy corn, that’s up to them. They can even mix them up. 

The jewelry is handmade, with the eyeballs and candy corn created out of polymer clay set on hypoallergenic surgical steel posts. 

39. Glow in the Dark Halloween Earrings – The Cutest Halloween Gift

Glow in the Dark Halloween Earrings - The Cutest Halloween Gift

One of the cutest things we’ve seen in a long time is this set of Halloween earrings with some cute little ghosts. The ghosts are holding on to some pumpkins, too, so they’re not scary at all.

In fact, these earrings are perfect for kids. They’re polymer clay so they won’t scratch the skin.

40. Halloween Gifts – Halloween Jewelry Pumpkin Pendant

halloween gift halloween jewelry pumpkin pendant

Anyone who loves jewelry and Halloween needs to have this really cute pumpkin pendant on hand. Of course, it’s not just for Halloween, as you can wear it any time of the year, but really it’s a great Halloween gift.

The whole necklace is handmade, featuring a lampwork glass bead, Swarovski crystals, and antiqued brass. Each one is made to order, so it may take a little bit to get it to you, so make sure you order it ASAP.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right Halloween gift can be difficult, but if you want to get something for yourself, your loved ones, or the friend who’s throwing the Halloween party, we think we had some great suggestions for you.

If you found something to love on our list, let us know what you liked about the product!

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